Couture Advice

Set your theme!

Before you decide to start visiting different stationers, it’s a good idea to decide on the theme you want to carry out. Colors, flowers, crystals, whatever it may be to help us on the day.

Plan Ahead!

Plan your ideas at least 5 months ahead of your special occasion. You will need at least 4 weeks to find a stationer to suit your requirements and meet your expectations, 6 weeks for your invitations to be made and another 6 weeks for your guests rsvp's. For invitations being sent to international guests, invitations should be sent at least 5 months prior.

Personal Touch

The best invitations are those with your own personal touch. Couture Design specializes in personalized tailor made and hand crafted invitations that will neatly reflect the romance and excitement of your magical day. Couture design will draw from your inspirations to create the perfect invitation.


Why not let your inspirations be the backdrop for your entire day. Carry your personal theme throughout, from the invitations to the order of service booklets to the bonbonniere to the menu cards to the guest books to the table settings.

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